We are looking for people who might be interested in becoming a trustee of Hookwood Memorial Hall.

Hookwood Memorial Hall is an active village hall serving the community.

Why is it called a Memorial Hall?  The original village hall was built in 1928 by the Copsey family as a memorial to their daughter Alice Mary Copsey. The Copsey family were teachers and head teachers including Charlwood School. The hall was rebuilt in 2000.

There are two (2) vacant positions on the committee and we want to fill them with people who have a willingness to engage in leading the way forward, participate in fundraising and actively in the development of the charity.

 Committed “can do attitude”. Computer literate and good communication skills are essential.

All of our trustees are expected to be active and contribute directly to the charity and take a specific role in addition to their general governance duties.

Think you would like to help or know anyone, please drop me an email together with a brief resume and we can take it from there.

Best wishes


James O’Neill, Chairman, Hookwood Memorial Hall Trust.


Hookwood Memorial Hall Trust

Charity Number 271303

Chairman’s Annual Statement April 2019

The Year: April 2018 to 2019 

Another successful year! 

The Trustees and the Support staff are the backbone of the Memorial Hall’s success. They are a multi-talented team. Differing backgrounds but a great pleasure to work with. With their together, we “Can do” attitude it's frankly amazing what has been achieved. A brilliant group of people. 

Mid-year trading saw our sales slow-down slightly, support staff changes whatever the reason, had an unsettling effect upon our trading position. We were not alarmed but there was nothing obvious to pinpoint the finger at, of course, it might just have been the public uncertainty within the purchasing community for a variety of reasons including the “Brexit” word. However, we noticed and took remedial action. 

The situation was monitored and by improving our marketing plan with plenty of very good and colourful posts on social media, rethinking our strategy and some policies, these all helped to promote us. All of this was achieved by sheer hard work and determination. Well done to everyone! 

The books were balanced, and the year-end accounts confirm we again made a “profit” which is re-invested into our flagship the Memorial Hall for the benefit of future generations of residents together with our current hirer’s. Benefits afforded to the whole community. 

Yes, a “profit” despite some large items of expenditure. 

The Secretariats office is the very heart of the Trust and over the last few years new systems, templates, and procedures have been put in place. These are certainly making life easier, although it’s still very much a work in progress scenario. 

Quality is the buzz word we use on a regular basis, why? Quality in our venue. Quality of the facilities we offer. Quality in the way we get things done. Quality in our promotions. Quality in our dealings and approach to everybody. 

Numerous projects were undertaken to improve both the inside and outside of the hall with new systems and programmes introduced all having been completed or installed. 

  • New Air Conditioning in the Conference Room 
  • New Cooking Range in the kitchen 
  • New Cooker Hood 
  • New Fly killer in the kitchen 
  • New Mobile phones 
  • New Double-glazed Back door in the kitchen 
  • New Double-glazed windows in the kitchen 
  • New Double-glazed windows in the conference room 
  • New Double-glazed window in the chair store 
  • New BBQ Area 
  • New Water Stopcocks installed 
  • New outside water supply 
  • New Emergency door exit ramp fencing 
  • New Solar lighting at the 5-bar gate 
  • New Signage 

Various public areas of the Memorial Hall were redecorated, and improvements made. This ongoing project is work in progress. 

We firmly believe in pro-active and preventative maintenance management. It’s all there to see on the “approved listing”. We constantly look for new ways to improve the facilities we provide and offer. Our clients notice and make positive remarks. 

There is also a wish list of “wants and likes” that never fades! 

We would like to record our thanks for grants so generously made which have enabled and contributed to the installation of the Air Conditioning system and Double-Glazing Improvements from JBTMT, Gatwick Community Trust and Hello Hookwood Association. 

The Trustee’s agenda at their meetings is a long list packed with items, topic’s, ideas and solutions. They plough through it and any actions required are taken with the absolute minimum of delay. 

We are EXTREMELY PROUD of what we have achieved, and we are delighted to share them with you. 

It’s my pleasure to serve Hookwood Memorial Hall Trust and its Trustee’s and Support Staff as their Chairman. I thank them. 

Best wishes 


James O’Neill…Chairman 

Hookwood Memorial Hall Trust 

30th April 2019                 


"This hall can only be described as Hookwood's best kept secret." -- Richard, Norwood Hill, Surrey

"A Little Gem of a Hall." -- James, Charlwood, Surrey

Registered Charity No 271303