Large Kitchen
The bright modern kitchen which is much bigger than you find in most halls is well equipped with a cooker, double sink, hot and cold water, fridge, and serving hatch which is a handy addition. Spacious with natural light.

There is a back door in the kitchen with ramp access for loading and unloading and additional wheelchair access

Usefull serving hatch to kitchen

Entrance Hall and Art Gallery
The attractive entrance hall boast a small art gallery exhibiting original oil paintings from talented artists

Free WiFi
Free WiFi is now available on request, just ask for the password


The wooden front doors have recently been upgraded with thermal efficient, modern high security doors.

The doors will stay in an open position without latches, which makes it very convenient for carrying supplies in and out and for wheelchair access.

Cloakroom and Payphone
The cloakroom contains two rows of coat hangers one at adult and one at child level and a Payphone

Bar Area

The connecting room between the entrance hall and main hall makes a very useful area for serving refreshments once the tables and chairs have been deployed in the main hall

Tables and Chairs
There is an ample store of tables and chairs available for any function or gathering

Male, Female and disabled. Baby Changing Unit, Automatic Lights, Hand Dryers, Air Fresheners, Sanitary Bins, Soap

Air Conditioning

Superb new air conditioning units to maintain a great atomsphere all year round

Play Area and Recreational Park 
The Hall overlooks and has access to a well equipped children's playground and a beautiful park (see location page)
Registered Charity No 271303