We are looking for people who might be interested in becoming a trustee of Hookwood Memorial Hall.

Hookwood Memorial Hall is an active village hall serving the community.

Why is it called a Memorial Hall?  The original village hall was built in 1928 by the Copsey family as a memorial to their daughter Alice Mary Copsey. The Copsey family were teachers and head teachers including Charlwood School. The hall was rebuilt in 2000.

There are two (2) vacant positions on the committee and we want to fill them with people who have a willingness to engage in leading the way forward, participate in fundraising and actively in the development of the charity.

 Committed “can do attitude”. Computer literate and good communication skills are essential.

All of our trustees are expected to be active and contribute directly to the charity and take a specific role in addition to their general governance duties.

Think you would like to help or know anyone, please drop me an email together with a brief resume and we can take it from there.

Best wishes


James O’Neill, Chairman, Hookwood Memorial Hall Trust.


Hookwood Memorial Hall Trust

Charity Number 271303

Chairman’s Annual Statement April 2016.

It’s been a very interesting year, so much has happened, coming and goings, yet we have settled down to the task in hand of actively promoting the Hookwood Memorial Hall with mixed bag of results. Lessons have been learnt in all sectors of the business.

Yes we are a business, small maybe, but never-the-less a business which needs to make a profit to enable reinvestment into Hookwood Memorial Trust a body of Trustee’s who manage the Memorial Hall. Yet we are a charity a registered charity that is, relying solely upon its income from the lettings of the Memorial Hall for its income stream. Without that income the Memorial Hall could not pay its way and would fail. 

Hookwood Memorial Hall would not exist.

We have approached that challenge.

The Year: April 2015 to 2016

We are delighted to see our ad-hoc bookings i.e. one off booking continues to prosper driven by a greater take up of dates mainly at the weekend. This has enabled the Trust to support some of our regular hirers who for one reason or another are going through troubled waters.

Hookwood Memorial Hall is proud to offer the “best value in every respect” the village hall lettings business is cut throat in the extreme. We are proud of our reputation the facts speak for themselves, Quality in both the amenities and facilities offered, Quality towards our hirers, Quality in the way we present ourselves and deal with our clients, neighbours and commercial contractors.

The Trustees have given freely of their time, each Trustee has a portfolio to handle and to be responsible and accountable for, and this is in addition to their collective duties of exercising true guidance, acting reasonably and ensuring sound financial management. At each Trustee meeting there is an air of enthusiasm and optimisations to achieve and get things done expeditiously.

The Trust is fortunate enough to have a strong Support Team who constantly surprise by what they have achieved. They are now joined by Amy Fell who will take-over from Eva whilst she is on maternity leave. Good luck to Eva and welcome to Amy. The ground work of last year of putting in new systems and templates is now starting to be recognised and with it the rewards. Clearly we have not stopped trying to improve our efficiencies.

Hire Rates: We substantially increased our hire rate structure. Overall a positive response and understanding from our regular hirers. We thank out hirers for their understanding and understanding our reasons for doing so. It was a difficult decision.

Terms & Conditions: These were reviewed and should be considered a live document. Annually a copy of the revised T&C’s are sent to regular hirers.

Human Resources:  still a difficult area to recruit new trustees with the right skill sets. The recruitment for a Maternity Cover Booking Secretary was a real eye opener for us all using the power of social media and particularly the sister-hood of female groups.

Health & Safety: is now a portfolio of a trustee George Chatwin assisted by Liz Conroy. Amazing what they discover needs repair or replacement.

Treasury: Lead under the watchful eyes of Richard Parker, he has more work now to present for the Trustee meetings, more to pay, more to record and generally more jobs. Liz and Eva track our clients’ payments.

Sales, Adverting & Marketing:  SAM is chaired by John Stocks, who make recommendations to the Trustees. It’s been highly successful in highlighting our short-comings and taken actions to remedy them.

House Keeping: We have received numerous complements from potential hirers, upon their first inspection of our facility just how “clean and fresh”, it really speaks volumes about the effort Linda Harber puts into keeping the Hookwood Memorial Hall spick and span.  Again “thank you” Linda.

Wish List: It never seems to go down. It grows by ambition and the sights the Trustees set. We have realized just a few :

1.    New Emergency Double Doors

2.    New Fire Alarm system with a monitoring service.

3.    New CCTV installation with remote access

4.    New Signage , Welcome & Greetings, CCTV, etc

Maintenance: The unsung heroes , Carl Wilson, Andy Hough, Peter Hancy, Steve & Mark, Richard J, Richard B, Richard Parker, Lawrence Page, and others who have helped with the various tasks and jobs which is truly needed to keep our prized asset in tip top condition. So what has been done through-out the year. All under the watchful eye of Liz.

1.    Windows cleaned each month

2.    Car Park  swept monthly

3.    Hedges & Grass cut each month

4.    Roof guttering clean out on an annual basis

5.    Annual maintenance and audit of all appliances & equipment ie Gas, Gas Boiler, Electric, Heating , Air Conditioning, by qualified contractors who issue certification in accordance to current regulations

6.    Annual fire maintenance

7.    Internal Decorations touch up on a regular basis

8.    External Paintwork made good as required

9.    New flood lights installed

10. New Spot lights above hirers’ internal notice board installed

11. New Leaflet holders for use by regular hirers

12. New External Notice / Showcase for use by regular hirers

13. New Internal lights & switches in the table & chair store

14. New Signage in the table & chair store

15. New wood wall and door protectors in the table & chair store

16. New 2 way electric switches in table & chair store

17. New Nappy collection service

Thank you to you to those involved, these jobs and schedules very often go unnoticed but we do, this is a rolling programme of maintenance and makes our “Flagship something to be proud of” .

The disappointments: We do have them occasionally, some we hope we can over turn.

Surrey County Council still insist that there is adequate signage directing traffic to the Memorial Hall whilst, meanwhile it appears double standards, that there are 5/6 signs pointing directing traffic the Horley Recreational Centre. It’s difficult to understand?

Charlwood Parish Council removed the litter bins on the Withey last year in an experiment, they still have not decided.

Losing a good regular hirer by no fault of your own is always difficult to swallow, but this is exactly what happened, to a new regular hirer, the light in the car park, the electricity is provided by Tesco. The cable was damaged when they revamped the store , it took almost a year to get it repaired. Liz is now on first name terms with the CEO of Tesco!

Damage caused by youths shooting at the rear and front doors, 22 rifle bullets and shells were found. Two separate incidents. Despite the Police being informed there is little that can be done, hence our need to protect our property and install cctv as the Police suggested. The Insurance company was not best pleased as they had replaced the windows the year previously. It’s a futile act of mischief and criminal damage.  

What about the future:

1.    We need to recruit more two/three more Trustee’s each will have a portfolio.

2.    We are committed to expand our Social Media environment

3.    We recognise the need to seek more activity within the Memorial Main Hall during the week day time

4.    We recognise the need to seek more activity within the Conference room at all times.

5.    To continue our programme of interaction with our Hall Hirers and continue to provide a very good resource for the local community.

And finally: The Trustees Richard, George & John together with the support staff of Liz, Eva Marie, Linda and now Amy make a wonderful and dedicated team. All have differing backgrounds and qualifications, yet together they form a reliable and enthusiastic partnership who are actively helping to drive forward the future success of the Hookwood Memorial Hall for the benefit of future generations to come.

It is amazing what has been achieved by our own enterprise, vision and financial know-how plus the guts to have a go. Together we “Can Do” or we are “in it together” attitude.

The Trustees and Support Staff should be justifiably proud of what they have achieved together.

I thank them for their loyalty, support and encouragement.              

It’s my pleasure to be their Chairman.



James O’Neill…Chairman

Hookwood Memorial Hall Trust

18th April 2016                  


"This hall can only be described as Hookwood's best kept secret." -- Richard, Norwood Hill, Surrey

"A Little Gem of a Hall." -- James, Charlwood, Surrey

Registered Charity No 271303